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Puppy & Dog Trainer app for iPhone and iPad

4.3 ( 1863 ratings )
Lifestyle Education
Developer: Pinch Swipe Tap Pty. Ltd.
3.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 31 Mar 2009
App size: 4.93 Mb

New Puppy and Dog Trainer Application Makes it Easy, Fun and Rewarding to Train Your Dog!

Can one application really take your puppy or dog from chewing, barking misfit to star canine citizen? Yes! Puppy and Dog Trainer is the only iPhone application that uses professional dog training tips to guide you step-by-step on how to train your dog to do just about anything!

Got a new puppy? Youll learn how to be a responsible puppy owner, including how to housebreak and crate train your new puppy. Learn how to get puppy used to walking on a leash and how to socialize your new puppy with other pets and people to avoid any aggression issues later in life.

New Puppy Care Tips:
What to do if an accident occurs
Leash training
And more!

Then its on to the Basic Commands section for tried-and-true dog training basics. Our easy-to-follow guide walks you through the complete process of such popular commands as "Sit", "Stay" and "Down". These must-know words form the basis for impressive and entertaining tricks - some of which could even help save your dogs life!

With a few of the proper tools, such as a leash and collar and a few treats, your dog becomes an open, willing companion to each lesson. In case he doesnt respond the correct way the first few times you try to teach him a new command or trick, just follow a few of the troubleshooting pointers included in the application. These tips will help you uncover and bridge any common issues or problems dogs may have when theyre first starting to learn.

Basic Tricks Include:
And more!

The Advanced Tricks section includes some of the more interesting and fun tricks, such as "Shake Hands", "Bow", "Play Dead" and "High Five". You can even teach your dog to play hide and seek or ring the doorbell! And, contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks! All you need is patience, encouragement and a steady supply of treats. Your dog will repay you in kindness, love and boundless enthusiasm.

Advanced Tricks Include:
High Five
Play Dead
Take a Bow
Go to Sleep
And More!

Over 35 easy-to-learn commands and tricks are included in one user-friendly application. With just minutes a day, youll be able to amaze your friends and guests with your dogs new-found abilities!

And thats not all. Weve also included a section on "Correcting Unwanted Behavior", so you can stop annoying or downright dangerous behavior from happening in the first place. Jumping up on people, chasing cars, begging at the table…all of these "bad dog" behaviors can easily be corrected - even if youve never owned a dog before and arent sure what to expect!

Stop Bad Behavior In Its Tracks!
Jumping on People
Jumping on Furniture
Chasing Cars
Begging at the Table
Barking uncontrollably or unnecessarily
And More!

Theres never been an easier, more rewarding way to train your dog - anytime, anywhere. Whether youre spending the day with Fido at the park or making the most of a rainy day indoors, the Puppy and Dog Trainer app lets you bring all of the knowledge of devoted dog owners and professional dog trainers directly to your iPhone.

And its affordable too! Why waste time at your local bookstore or an expensive dog training school racking up a huge bill, when you can do it yourself for less? Dont spend your days plowing through complicated books or wasting time with gimmicky applications. Trust your dogs training needs to the Puppy and Dog Trainer application and start seeing results in no time! Any dog can learn, and theres no owner experience necessary - just continued practice and patience is all it takes to make your dog a star!

Bring out the hidden traits and talents of your dog today by downloading the Puppy and Dog Trainer Application. Its one small investment in your pet that can reap a lifetime of loyalty and enjoyment.

Pros and cons of Puppy & Dog Trainer app for iPhone and iPad

Puppy & Dog Trainer app good for

Im a first time dog owner and downloaded this app. So far its helped me teach my new dog important basic things in the easiest way possible. Its easy to follow and understand.
Just took home a new puppy and this app is a great refresher. Its a lot of information condensed into a few pages
Very informative. My Labradoodle potty trained in 2 days! So phar... Im doing it all right. Yes, other reviewer is right, please show page turning tips. Thank you. I look 4ward 2 many years with my very well trained doggie. Highnessty
Nice app, Im always on the go and I cant carry a book with me all the time, this app is awesome all the basic train for your pup!!!

Some bad moments

If you have ever owned a dog you already know all the "tricks" in this app.
The information contained within this app may be fine, but its little use if you cant read it. The formatting of the text does not work properly. So depending on the size and font you choose and the orientation of your Ipad or other device, you may get to read more or less of whats actually there. And the pages dont turn properly either!
Information is good although limited. Directions on page turning would be helpful as there are many ways to do it; figuring it out on this app is frustrating. I dont use crates for my 4 pugs and would appreciate more lessons that dont include crates.
I expected something a bit more interactive, more tailored to my specific needs. The only difference between this app and a book, is that a book is easier to navigate.