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Dont waste your money

If you have ever owned a dog you already know all the "tricks" in this app.

What the heck?

The information contained within this app may be fine, but its little use if you cant read it. The formatting of the text does not work properly. So depending on the size and font you choose and the orientation of your Ipad or other device, you may get to read more or less of whats actually there. And the pages dont turn properly either!

Great for quick info

Im a first time dog owner and downloaded this app. So far its helped me teach my new dog important basic things in the easiest way possible. Its easy to follow and understand.

Waste of $

No useful housebreaking training.

Great app

Just took home a new puppy and this app is a great refresher. Its a lot of information condensed into a few pages

A Bit Ruff!

Information is good although limited. Directions on page turning would be helpful as there are many ways to do it; figuring it out on this app is frustrating. I dont use crates for my 4 pugs and would appreciate more lessons that dont include crates.


Very informative. My Labradoodle potty trained in 2 days! So phar... Im doing it all right. Yes, other reviewer is right, please show page turning tips. Thank you. I look 4ward 2 many years with my very well trained doggie. Highnessty

This app is a book

I expected something a bit more interactive, more tailored to my specific needs. The only difference between this app and a book, is that a book is easier to navigate.


Its a good app. Taught my dog three and a half tricks with its help. However it could be a little more interactive, now its more like a book. In my opinion, the price is too high, I wouldnt charge more than 1.99 for it.

Nice job!!

Nice app, Im always on the go and I cant carry a book with me all the time, this app is awesome all the basic train for your pup!!!

Money wasted!!

No useful information for house training.

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